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She May Manipulate Your Already Insecure Feelings

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K.M.A. writes: Never underestimate the power of being engaged with them. Actually listening when they talk to you, call them to say "Hi, how was your day?" Ask who their best friend is, what they want to do. I have a lot of respect for my friends who let their daughters put makeup on them or paint their nails. 
If you are divorced, help them know that they are important to you. Cook together, laugh together, dance if your kid wants you to dance with them, bake cookies/fix a meal together. The key word, TOGETHER. Make a mess, go fishing, be open to what they want. ~ K.M.A.

M.C. writes: Respect her opinions but keep in mind you're the adult. Too many times fathers want to be "friends" to keep their daughters from turning away from them. It isn't easy to let them know when they have stepped over a line, but when it's done in a firm but not over-the-top way, it will garner respect from her also. 
If you say it, mean it. It's easy for teenage girls to try to manipulate your already insecure feelings (been there, done that) staying firm may be difficult but benefits both of you in the long run. ~ M.C.

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Daughters, We Need Your Advice!

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