The purpose of this collection is to provide hope and inspiration to men that crave a more connected relationship with their daughters. Many of these fathers feel they may forever lose the love of their daughters and they need your personal advice for guidance.

The guidelines for submissions are:

  • You are a daughter. After all, this is first-hand advice from women that lived through the pain of not having their fathers active in a large portion of their childhood.
  • You must have actually lived through a long-term separation from your father and be willing to share your desires and advice.
  • The format of your submission can be whatever you feel is the most powerful vessel for your advice.  This can be a story, essay, instant-message exchange, quotation, poem, etc. The key is to communicate your heart-felt advice as clearly and purely as possible.
  • Biographical information can be included if you feel it provides contextual relevance to your advice, as well as thoughts about how your life would be different if your own father had known your thoughts and feelings.
  • Please keep submissions as short as possible.  Anything over 600 words or so may be shortened.
  • Our intention is to edit the submissions as little as possible but some editing may need to be done for readability or impact.
  • We are only interested in original content and cannot consider submissions already published online or in print.
  • Emailed submissions should be typed in the body of the message and should not be provided as attachments if possible.
  • ANONYMITY GUARANTEED.  By default, all personal information will be changed UNLESS you say otherwise.  There is no requirement for contact information to be provided for your advice to be considered for the book.
  • By sending in your submission, you are granting us all legal rights in regard to how we Alter, Display, and/or Reproduce the content.
  • Please send your submission to: