The purpose of the Distant Dad Project is to provide hope and inspiration to men that want a more connected relationship with their daughters.



My fellow fathers, I ask you today to make a very strong effort to resist the urge to politicize the #MeToo effort.  We all know that this campaign will eventually become corrupted by one or both of the political parties, but the harassment and assault of our daughters, sisters, and wives needs to end. We need to support this movement by learning what the true issues are, and even more importantly, how to solve the problem.

Often fathers are made fun of because we can’t listen, or do not have the patience to empathize and sympathize. It’s said that we just want to make things right again, to fight the fight, defend our loved ones, defeat the oppressor. Well, today is one of those days where our natural motivations should be put to work. 

We need to deeply understand what sexual harassment and assault looks like, be ready to act when the situations present themselves, and be relentless in our resolve to keep this from happening to others. Relentless execution is what we do best. This is the innate skill set that our ancient forefathers used to feed and protect their villages, and it is the power that we bring to this societal problem.

Challenge yourself to be a protector of every daughter. Challenge yourself to be the 'man among men' that leads your peers to the attitudes and behaviors we all know are correct.  Your daughter needs men like you to support her, so be that man to the daughters of others. Speak up when the situation comes to your attention...Support the victim in her claims...Spread the attitude that this behavior is wrong and will not be tolerated. You have the power to make a difference. We will protect our daughters. #NotHerToo

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