The purpose of the Distant Dad Project is to provide hope and inspiration to men that want a more connected relationship with their daughters.

When a Father Loses His Daughter's Trust

First and foremost, always be honest and real with her. It might not be exactly what she is wanting to hear at the time but it is always better to have her mad at you for being honest than hiding the truth just to save her heart.

When it is all said and done, no matter what the situation was that distanced you and your daughter TRY to be a part of her life no matter how long it has been.

If you try and the outcome is a negative one, you will no longer have to sit and wonder because you will know. If she decides not to be a part of your life then you must forgive yourself and love yourself enough to move on and let her live her life and you live yours.

If she decides she wants to try to make it work, then you hold on as tight as you can and you enjoy every moment with her and don't you dare ever break her heart again! Next time you might not have that chance with your daughter to make it right. But you must try. ~ K.G.

[Editor: I had a conversation with a wonderful friend of mine named Susan Clay. We were discussing "forgiveness" and the way that a father could ask his daughter for that gift. While I was getting caught up in the many levels of debate and self-defense that occur when we are in the wrong, her suggested comment was so simple and perfect: "I know all that I wasn't; I just ask for the chance to show you what I can be."]



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