The purpose of the Distant Dad Project is to provide hope and inspiration to men that want a more connected relationship with their daughters.

But What if My Daughter Won't Communicate With Me?

What a cool project!

My advice would be to not sit back and wait. Be pro-active. You are the parent. It is your job to show how much you love and care about your daughter. Every birthday, Christmas, graduation missed - where no call, no card, she notices. Never, ever give up trying.  Even if you don't get the response you want or any response at all. Never give up!

Don't let your ego play any part in this. Give what you can, even if it's not much at all. Any gesture counts and matters more than you can possibly know. 

Your daughter is going to form her self-worth and view of men and relationships based on you and how you act, behave, and show up. So show up, and show up to the absolute best of your ability.  Daughters need fathers. We are very capable of forgiving fathers, much more so than mothers. We want you in our lives. People make mistakes.

Don't be proud. Don't be a victim. Just keep trying. It's never too late. ~ E.M. (California)

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